About Corduroy:

Corduroy Brown is a feel good, poppy, rock performer from Huntington, West Virginia. The Corduroy sound has been described as: “A sound that makes you feel like everything is going to be ok.” Corduroy has cultivated his own flavor of Appalachian Indie music with a focus on self worth and thought provoking lyrics. His debut album “Let Me Know” won Appalachian Album of the Year, which featured artists such as Arlo McKinley, Massing, and many more rising Appalachian artists. Corduroy Brown danced with death in Morgantown West Virginia ICU due to a rare reaction to Covid called MIS-A. After being revived and placed on life support, he made a full recovery. You learn a lot when faced with mortality, and it reset his perspective. Now themes of mental wellness and a willingness to live life to the fullest are represented in the music for his second time on the Earth.